Conditions of bodywork

The client agrees with following conditions:

  1. Bodywork cannot be done while the animal suffers from:
    1. Inflammation inc. fever
    2. Neurological disease
    3. Oncological disease
    4. Gastrointestinal disease
    5. Bleeding / haemorrhage condition
    6. Exhaustion 
    7. Trauma
  2. The treating vet is informed, that the horse undertakes the bodywork – the client´s responsibility
  3. During the bodywork the horse is in a safe area, no noises and another hustle issues
  4. The horse does not have acces to the feed during the bodywork – drinking is allowed
  5. Behaviour of the horse is too danger for the therapist or the surrounding to do the  bodywork – no possiblity to do the bodywork, the client will pay the full price
  6. Cancellation less then 24hours before the bodywork – the client will pay 50% price. Exception is urgent health condition (fever, injury)
  7. The therapist can cancell the bodywork due to serious issues (illness). New term will be offered to the client.
  8. The invoice will be issued for request.