About The Masterson Method ®

The horse communicates almost entirely through body language; from the most subtle level to the most obvious. Most of the horse’s body language is missed by us. The Masterson Method ® is an interactive method of bodywork in which the owner uses subtle changes in body language to get not-so-subtle results. This method is based on the active cooperation with the horse, not – as the most of the others bodywork methods – on passive cooperation.

Masterson Method ® is a system of applying levels of pressure (touch) and movement to the horse’s body in a way that the horse’s nervous system is unable to brace against or guard- and reading changes in the horse’s behavior as you do this – you enable the horse to tell you where it is holding tension; you enable her nervous system to release it; and you enable her to tell you when it has been released. That part of the horse’s nervous system that blocks out pain and discomfort (the sympathetic, or flight, fight or freeze) lets go, and that part of the nervous system that regenerates and heals (the parasympathetic) comes into play. This allows the horse to release tension that it has difficulty releasing on its own.

Training and Behavior – a Happier and More Cooperative Horse

Aggressive, “busy,” or nervous behavior will often change when deep physical discomfort is relieved. This discomfort often resides in spinal and postural muscles of the horse. In some cases, the change can be drastic, especially when it has been building for years. Often, owners who have relied on the use of calming drugs or supplements becomes to have safe horses, find them unnecessary when they help their horses release tension.


Build Trust with Your Horse and Connect on a Deeper Level

When horses understand that you are responding to what they are telling you, an instant level of trust develops that can transform the relationship with your horse. The reward of helping the horse release tension on this level can be significant.

It doesn’t matter what our discipline or relationship with our horse is; the horse is our partner and we should be constantly asking ourselves and our horses, what we can do to improve that relationship.

The Horse

Horses are survival animals. They instinctively mask pain and discomfort in order to stay alive and off the predator’s menu in the wild.

This is how the horse’s body works, and why it can be so challenging to evaluate lameness. It is also how the horse is able to push so hard, often beyond its normal physical limitations, to do what’s being asked to do.

When the horse tries to communicate that it is uncomfortable or unable to do what is being asked, it’s often interpreted as a behavioral or training issue and is corrected or trained through by the rider. And the horse continues to work through the pain.

This accumulation of tension takes its toll over time as deeper core and postural muscles begin to tighten to compensate for pain, or to take over for the muscles that are unable to do their job.

Price :

Bodywork 1500,- Kč

Travel expenses 5 Kč/km